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Student Transfer Information
Application Deadline: August 30, 2021
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  ONLINE APPLICATION PROCESS NOW OPEN for the 2021-22 school year

Thank you for your interest in Comal ISD’s 2021-22 student transfer process.  Comal ISD is now accepting applications for students seeking to attend a Comal ISD campus that is open for transfers. 

Student transfer to the requested school may not be possible based on projected enrollment/growth, classroom/building capacity, staffing, and special programs and other applicable criteria. 

Applications are only accepted online through the web based application process.  To be considered for a student transfer a completed application must be submitted online.  See application section below.  For student transfer questions or assistance with the application process please contact:

Legal Services Department
Phone: 830-221-2124 or 830-221-2086


   Things you should know before submitting an application:

  • The student transfer process is available for students in grade levels K-12.

  • The District shall consider availability of space, instructional staff, related services staff, class size caps, the student's disciplinary history, attendance records, academic performances and grade records.

  • A student that has received a discipline alternative education placement (DAEP/JJAEP) in the current school year in which he/she is attending is not eligible for a student transfer.

  • Eligibility to participate in UIL activities may be affected with a student transfer.  Please check with UIL, the current UIL constitution and contest rules for status before completing a student transfer application.
  • A student transfer does not carry over from one school year to the next.  It must be applied for each school year.  Being approved in one school year creates no right or expectation that a student will be admitted as a transfer student in subsequent years.

  • If approved for a student transfer, failure to maintain grades, behavior, or attendance to the satisfaction of the campus or the district will result in a recommendation, at any point during the school year, that the student transfer be revoked immediately.
  • Transportation to and from school is not provided for transfer students.  Parent/Guardian must provide transportation.


To apply for a student transfer, please complete the application based on the student’s residence address.  If you have more than one student that is applying for a student transfer you will need to submit a separate application for each student.

In district - If the student’s home address is in Comal ISD attendance boundaries please complete the following application:  Fill Out An In district Transfer Request

Out of district - If the student does not live in Comal ISD attendance boundaries please complete the following application: Fill Out An Out Of District Transfer Request

The following documents must be uploaded within the application process.  Please be prepared to submit the following in a pdf, tiff, or jpeg format:

  1. Most recent report card
  2. Attendance record
  3. Discipline record (must obtain from current school; if no record, a screen printout of the student search or a statement from an administrator on letterhead is acceptable)

Additional documents:  If you are building/buying a residence a builder/buyer agreement will also be required and must be uploaded in the designated field of the application.

Incoming kindergarten student: If you have an incoming kindergarten student you will provide a letter explaining your request in place of a report card and attendance.


In District Transfer Request
Out of District Transfer Request
Public In District Transfer Request
Public Out of District Student Transfer Request

The Deadline is August 30, 2021